Self-defence is a fundamental skill that every civilian should possess.

Being able to effectively defend yourself in situations where you have been cornered by your attacker not only saves the valuable property you are carrying, but also your priceless life.

Since most attackers prefer darkness to lay their ambush, it is important that you find a way of lighting up potentially harmful dark areas thus give your attacker no room for an attack. To aptly do this, a tactical flashlight is what you need.

What is a tactical flashlight?

A tactical flashlight is a small-size flashlight, originally used by the military and police to light up dark hostile areas during an attack, raid or patrol. Due to the environment this flashlight is designed to operate in, its design is a little bit different from the conventional flashlights.

To start with, tactical flashlights are crafted out of weapon-grade aluminum to guarantee maximum durability. They are also made smaller than the conventional flashlights such that they are hard to notice from far, easy to carry and quick to use during emergencies.

Tactical Flashlights Emit Much More Light Than A Traditional Flashlight

top tactical LED flashlightsRecently, tactical flashlights have moved from the army barracks and police stations to the hands of civilians. A tactical flashlight, when used appropriately, can be one effective self-defense tool.

Apart from helping you to see where your eyes have failed to, tactical flashlights can also be used as a weapon to neutralize your enemy. Furthermore, they can be handy in normal day to day activities, which primarily involve lighting up dark areas at home when there is a blackout or when a certain place you want to access is poorly lit.

Since the primary goal of purchasing a tactical flashlight is self-defense, there are key things you need to note before you decide to purchase one. Basic features to look out for when purchasing a tactical flashlight

— Size- a good tactical flashlight should be no bigger than the size of your palm. If it fits well in your palms, it will be easy and quick to use.

–Simplicity- there are hundreds of tactical flashlight models out there. Some offer advanced controls such as brightness control and SOS. However, all a flashlight needs is bright enough light; whose purpose will be explained later. Instead of getting something complex that will take time to operate; in a situation where split seconds reactions can change a lot, security experts advise that you get something simple that will do the primary job faster.

–Light output- the increased brightness of a tactical flashlight is tactical. When flashed directly to the eyes of your attacker, this bright light momentarily disorients him giving you a chance to react offensively or defensively. To achieve this, at least 120 lumens of light intensity is needed. Anything lower than that will simply show your assailant where you are.

How to use a tactical flashlight

The effectiveness of a tactical LED flashlight is pegged on how well you know how to use it. The first step to understanding this is knowing how to manoeuvre with a tactical flashlight in darkness.

When you are walking in a dark alley or some poorly lit place and something moves, the first basic instinct is to switch on the primary light source. If this is impossible; especially in the case where you are in an alley or street, the best move is to switch the flashlight on, scan your environment, switch-off the flashlight, move and repeat the same procedure over.

By lighting your flashlight and scanning your environment, you are basically trying to locate the source of commotion or your attacker. Switching off the flashlight and moving prevents you from becoming more vulnerable to the attacker since you were already spotted when you switched on the flashlight.

In case you are confronted, a tactical flashlight can double up as a weapon. The first thing you should do when you encounter your attacker is to shine the bright light of the flashlight directly to his eyes. This will blind him and disorient him for a moment. Once he is in this state, you can either go for a strike or make a dash depending on the situation and your combating skills. Most tactical flashlights have a toothed or serrated bezel that helps to knock down your attacker before you make a run.

Why you should carry a tactical flashlight

Tactical flashlights are versatile. They not only show you your attacker but also help you knock him down using the serrated bezel.

These devices are discrete, and are the best 2016 tactical flashlight essentials. They hardly raise eyebrows as they do not vividly look like weapons. In countries where there are strict weapons laws, a tactical flashlight can be a great substitute for a gun. Furthermore, unlike guns and other weapons, a tactical flashlight does not require any special training.