Tai Lopez is basically an investor. He started his journey as an entrepreneur and has a background in finance. He dropped out of university and then completed the Certified Financial Planning (CPA) course.

After completing the course, he worked for different companies.

What Is The 67 Steps Program?

tai lopez 67 steps reviewRight now, Tai Lopez gives speeches in different universities all over the world and one of his most famous product is ” The 67 Steps”.

In his 20’s he became a millionaire and currently owns one of the most famous night clubs on the east coast. Along his journey, he has read thousands of books about influential figures and also spent time with Amish, the famous Indian writer.

Currently he is living in Hollywood.

His main work is the famous digital program ” The 67 Steps” which is basically a collection of videos which gives you valuable information on how to succeed in life.

Tai has gained immense knowledge by reading books about influential historical figures and he has tried to compile all those knowledge in these series of videos.

Tai Lopez 67 Steps To Success And A Good Life

This program carries wisdom from some of the most successful persons in the world like Socrates, Joe Stalin, Plato and lots of other famous figures.

He claims that if you follow the videos, you will eventually get the ” good life”. Apart from this, Tai also runs a book of the day program. It is basically an email newsletter, an email is sent to every subscriber. Currently, he has around 1.5 million subscribers. In this newsletter, Tai requests his subscribers to read a book every day. His book reading style is slightly different though.

He doesn’t read the whole book, he just skims through the book after seeing the index. He suggests his readers to just read the first few paragraphs of each chapter and then later read the complex paragraphs separately. By following this, you will be able to absorb valuable knowledge and you also don’t have to spend a lot of time on any book. You will also be able to remember more easily what you’ve read and learned.

” The 67 steps” is undoubtedly a great digital learning program. It has some valuable advice and information. Some of the most valuable advice in this program are:


In this video, Tai tells you, that in order to have the life you desire, you have to take all the actions that are necessary. He thinks most people are delusional. They believe that they are entitled to the ” good life” without putting any sorts of effort.


He based this video on the popular theory of evolution. He tells that only those people who are capable to adapt as per situation, will be able to survive. The “good life” belongs only to those people who are adaptable.


He tells everyone to get a proper mentor. In order to have the ” good life”, an experienced and knowledgeable mentor is extremely essential. Mentors will be able to guide us through the different stages of life.

4. IGNORE THE 99%:

He tells us to avoid the opinion of the others. They are simply a reflection of social bias and is distracting.
Overall, ” The 67 steps” will definitely be able to help you. If you follow all the lessons and the instructions given carefully, then ultimately you will get the ” good life”.